In Their Own Words

Dianne Mugerditchian Jesup Georgia

Double Mastectomy Reconstruction

Dianne Mugerditchian was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer back in 1999. She had a lumpectomy, 33 radiation treatments, and a hysterectomy, and went on her merry way for 16 years. When in 2015 a mammogram revealed cancer in the other

Melanie Allred, Bloomingdale, Georgia

I Am Here to Fight Forever

Melanie Allred is vivacious, to say the least. She’s got a wonderful twinkle in her eye, despite way too much experience with cancer and chemo and radiation. Her son, Riley, has battled leukemia throughout his young life, enduring two bone


Some Things Are Meant to Be

Hanna Keith married her high school sweetheart, Garrett Lewis on May 21. It was a date she was determined to keep despite the fact that, less than a year ago, she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. The couple wound

Jennifer Ellis

A Conservative Approach

Jennifer Ellis has been a health care marketing professional in Atlanta for almost a decade now, and so she knows the value of preventative care. She also knew that if she started early, she would be able to preserve her

Becky Griffin is back to work, following DIEP flap reconstructive surgery.

Becky Griffin

Becky Griffin was working 36 to 48 hours a week as an emergency room nurse. She’d spent over twenty years in rural emergency rooms and was working for two hospitals, one in her hometown of Baxley, Georgia and the other

Cynthia Mallard

On her 49th birthday, Cynthia Mallard went in for a routine screening mammogram. She had a family history of cancer. Her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer in her late 60s, and with nearly 30 years experience in cardiac and

Debra Wynn

Debra Wynn’s breast cancer had been in remission for almost two years when her doctor discovered that it had returned. When she heard the news, she was nevertheless at ease. Led by her strong faith, and thanks to the support