Body Contouring

At Cannon Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, we consider the long-term health of the patient first in recommending individualized strategies that will help you look and feel most like yourself. As such, we take a conservative approach when it comes to body sculpting and abdominoplasty (also known as a “tummy tuck”).

Dr. Cannon and his team will discuss the full range of options available to you, given your individual concerns, and with the appropriate procedure, applied skillfully for the appropriate, healthy patient, we can avoid most post-operative complications and deliver an excellent result that can re-shape a woman’s sense of well-being.

Photographs are of Dr. Cannon’s patients.


The goal of liposuction is ultimately to seek, discover, and restore the harmony of a woman’s natural curves.

It bears repeating: liposuction should not be viewed as purely a fat-removing procedure. In patients of normal weight, it provides Dr. Cannon with an opportunity to target and reduce stubborn fat deposits, which are most often the result of genetic and/or hormonal factors.

Skin Reduction

Many patients who seek liposuction have redundant skin—skin that hangs or droops off their body. The results of liposuction in such cases will usually cause the effect to worsen, and skin-reduction surgery is often indicated in order to deliver a satisfying result.

Body Sculpting for the Overweight

While liposuction and other such treatments are not a means of weight reduction in obese or severely overweight patients, they can be useful in order to remove fat deposits that interfere with that patient’s mobility and/or inhibit one’s range of motion.

In combination with a medically-supported program of weight loss, including nutritional education and other sensible measures for weight management, this procedure has been shown to enable lasting weight reduction.

Photographs are of Dr. Cannon’s patients.

Tummy Tucks (Abdominoplasty)

The tummy tuck is most often indicated to repair damage and stretching during childbirth. During what should be among any woman’s happiest times in life, multiple pregnancies can often leave her with a stretched belly, even if she is within a healthy weight range.

Among his specialties, Dr. Cannon truly enjoys performing abdominoplastic surgeries. As he says, “A successful tummy tuck makes for a very, very happy patient.” Interestingly, people most often think of the skin and fat when they consider a tummy tuck, but the key to this procedure is actually the tightening of the musculature.

The complication rate following such surgeries is high, but those complications are generally minor. It does hurt, no question, and the first two weeks following outpatient surgery can be difficult. Dr. Cannon will monitor your progress every step of the way, however, and a healthy patient can expect full recovery and a tummy that is healed within a month in most cases.