Cosmetic Surgery

At Cannon Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, we take a naturalistic approach to both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.  While the results can be life-changing, the primary focus is the patient’s well being – her quality of life – and delivering a result that she can happily embrace.

The aim of every procedure that Dr. Cannon performs, whether it’s non-surgical injections, rhinoplasty, body sculpting, or a breast implant should be a natural result. The patient should feel good about herself, and the surgery should never be conspicuous. Indeed, Dr. Cannon has said, “I believe that less is almost always more. Fortunately that is the fashion these days.”

Cosmetic Surgery

The surgeon’s work depends on both skill and creativity, and succeeds thanks to artistry, pre-planning in collaboration with the patient, painstaking care during the procedure, and comprehensive post-operative monitoring.

Dr. Cannon observes strict, clinical guidelines and adheres to the most exacting standards of care. And while there will always be new methods, new injectable products, new technologies, and new techniques, the focus of our practice will always be safety, the health of the patient, and the right procedure in the “right” patient.

Photographs are of Dr. Cannon’s patients.

Making the Choice

With over 9 Million cosmetic procedures performed annually in the United States, there should no longer be any stigma or sense of guilt about doing something to preserve one’s youthful appearance or to heal long-standing wounds—visible or not—that affect one’s quality of life.

Today, the most important part of a decision to undergo any cosmetic procedure will be the frank discussion of the expected result between you and your doctor. “I choose my patients just as my patients choose me,” Dr. Cannon says. “Overly aggressive aesthetic surgery is simply not my style, and if that winds up being the patient’s expectation, I am happy to make a referral.”