Breast Reduction

Women who develop larger beasts during puberty or in early adulthood and those who have gained weight over the years often choose to have their breasts reduced to a size that is more manageable. This involves the removal of both skin and breast tissue and is considered quite safe.

Breast-reduction surgery can alleviate potential, long-term neck and back pain, general discomfort, and numerous other mechanical and medical complications.

If conservative measures such as weight reduction and exercise cannot alleviate symptoms associated with larger breasts, insurance will most often cover the surgical expense, and there are numerous surgical techniques available to the skilled surgeon, which can be applied variously to best suit an individual patient’s body and deliver upon her desired result.

Of note, there have been studies that correlate a surgical reduction in breast volume with a reduced risk of breast cancer (through earlier detection), and all breast tissue we remove is evaluated to confirm no presence of malignancy.

About Breast Reduction Surgery

At Cannon Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, our first goal is to understand your concerns are and to determine a realistic course of individualized care.

The most popular reasons women seek breast rejuvenation are to look better without clothes and to feel better about themselves, and most report restored self-image and increased self-assurance following surgery. Nevertheless, each woman is different, their reasons for seeking the procedure myriad, and it is true that not every woman is an ideal candidate for surgery.

If you are a candidate for breast augmentation and/or a breast lift, breast rejuvenation, or breast reduction, Dr. Cannon will recommend a surgical approach after consideration of your desired result, your physiognomy, and with the following in mind: your height and frame, including width across the shoulders and pelvic width, and your existing breast size, fullness, proportion, symmetry, nipple position and overall skin laxity.

What to Expect

Generally, women should expect to take a week off after surgery, and should have most restrictions lifted after two weeks.

Dr. Cannon will prescribe a month-long course of self-massage, and most patients can expect near final result at six weeks, although the breast will continue to change for six months to a year.