Vixen Miami – Welcome

Welcome to Vixen Miami,

I grew up among doctors, and while we use the most technologically-advanced equipment available and can do things that our predecessors never would have imagined possible, there are some “old school” values that I very much admire:

  1. My absolute focus at Vixen Miami is on delivering the very best in personalized patient care.
  2. I believe in thorough communication that delivers an agreed-upon result.
  3. I demand rigor when it comes to pre-operative planning.
  4. And when it comes to post-operative care, you won’t find a more dedicated surgeon anywhere.

In sum, you can expect that I will take all the time you need, so that you thoroughly understand your surgical and non-surgical options. You can expect courtesy and discretion as you consider your treatment options and, following your procedure, you can expect me to check on you periodically to see that you are satisfied and doing okay.

That’s the way I do it, because that’s the way it ought to be done. After all, plastic and reconstructive medicine is about beauty as a means of healing, and your experience should reflect that—every step of the way.

Cliff Cannon, M.D.

Dr. Cliff L. Cannon is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive breast care. At Vixen Miami, he provides patients with access to the latest technologies and state-of-the-art procedures, including the Brazilian Butt Lift for a rounder, more firm, more youthful look.