At Cannon Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, we treat a wide-ranging variety of wounds—seen and unseen—that can interfere with a patient’s quality of life. Often, these wounds are hereditary or the result of accidental injury. Just as often, they are the result of necessary surgical procedures designed to preserve life, as is the case with mastectomies in patients with breast cancer.

As a fellowship-trained plastic surgeon serving both major hospital systems in Savannah, Georgia, Dr. Cliff Cannon uses state-of-the-art microsurgical techniques to treat emergent wounds, wound failure, and tissue loss in trauma patients. He also provides patients seeking breast cancer reconstruction with access to DIEP flap surgery, which has been called “the new gold standard” in reconstructive breast care.

Dr. Cannon and a Recovering Trauma Patient

Photographs are of Dr. Cannon’s Patients

Ask him about Dr. Cannon about trauma practice and he will tell you, “It’s one of the more rewarding things I do.”

Accidental injury is sadly a daily occurrence. So too is the incredible human courage that its victims routinely display. Working with victims and their families, Dr. Cannon has helped piece lives back together following farming, industrial, motorcycle, and auto accidents, dog bites and disfiguring complications of disease.

Dr. Cannon is on call to both major hospital systems in Savannah, Georgia.