Breast Lift

A breast lift (mastopexy) involves the resection of skin to eliminate the sagging that results of heredity, from aging, or following pregnancy.

Often, augmentation-mastopexy is necessary to achieve a patient’s desired result.

Considering that nearly every variable that determines the ultimate shape of the breast is being manipulated to some degree, this combined procedure is among the more difficult a plastic surgeon will be asked to perform.

Read Dr. Cannon’s research on the subject in theAnnals of Plastic Surgery.

Breast Lift Patient Savannah GA

Photographs are of Dr. Cannon’s patients.

Combined Lift-Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Cannon’s research suggests that if the ptosis (the sagging of the breast) is mild to moderate, a conservative lift performed with augmentation during the same procedure is indeed safe, with a small implant of less than 250cc’s. If the ptosis is significant, however, a two-stage procedure is often indicated.

In these cases, Dr. Cannon will do the lift first and then wait to do the augmentation as a second surgery. However: “If a woman is able to make the breast she desires with a bra on, then I prefer to start with just the lift. On the other hand, if the ptosis is very minimal, an implant alone can often elevate the nipple enough to avoid the scarring associated with a lift. Treating mild ptosis with large implants, by the way, most always invites complications.”

It is important to note that final breast position and shape can take several months to achieve following a breast lift/mastopexy, and revisions may be necessary.

Individualized Pre- and Post-Operative Care

At Cannon Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, our first goal is to understand your concerns are and to determine a realistic course of individualized care. Each woman is different, their reasons for seeking the procedure myriad, and it is true that not every woman is an ideal candidate for surgery.

If you are a candidate for a breast lift, Dr. Cannon will recommend a surgical approach after consideration of your desired result, your physiognomy, and with the following in mind: your height and frame, including width across the shoulders and pelvic width, and your existing breast size, fullness, proportion, symmetry, nipple position and overall skin laxity.

Following your surgery, you should expect to take a week off, with most restrictions lifted after two weeks. Dr. Cannon will prescribe a month-long course of self-massage, and most patients can expect near final result at six weeks, although the breast will continue to change for six months to a year.